Weekly Word Count

Jun 30, 2013 by

Sunday: 263 Monday: 264 Tuesday: 324 Wednesday: 568 (30 on files) Thursday: 380 Friday: 421 Saturday: 0 (88) Total: 2,220 (Total on...

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Challenge Scene 3: Run!

Jun 29, 2013 by

Sorry this one took me so long! I had trouble wording some of the action sequences right and I forgot until halfway through that...

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Inspiration from the Backyard

Jun 26, 2013 by

We might be walking past inspiration everyday and not even notice because we’re in a hurry, so I got my dad’s camera and...

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Writing Contests

Jun 24, 2013 by

I had a lot of fun with Writer’s Digest contest and apparently they do one of these contests called “Your Story”...

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Writer’s Digest’s ...

Jun 23, 2013 by

Remember that contest I’ve been talking about? Well if you’re a forum member you can now vote between their 10 favorites...

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