A New Kind of Challenge Scene: Friend Challenges

Jan 29, 2014 by

I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself when it comes to writing so I created challenge scenes but the same kind of challenge can get boring so I started coming up with new types.

This type barely needs a whole post to explain it; don’t know what to write? Ask your friends what they want to read.

Just send them a form and ask them to fill it out. You can personalize yours more but here’s the form me and my brother used:

Genre: (Self explanatory.)
Characters: (Who do they want to star in it?)
Premise: (Basically asking what the scene is about. For example, the aforementioned characters go to a party where they don’t know anyone, or discover a cave, or get super powers, etc.)
Minimum Word Count: (Because it’s good to have a target. You might also want a maximum word count, I didn’t but it’s something to think about.)
Extra Details: (For everything that doesn’t fit somewhere else, like lines or references they want included or where (timeline wise) in the story it takes place)
Don’t Include: (To keep their options more open; and what not to include can be just as much as a challenge as what to include. For example of what they could put here: My brother told me not to include an evil ending.)

Do everything they ask (it’s not much of a challenge if you don’t) and remember that it’s not intended to be canon (you might want to tell them that upfront). This works because sometimes your friends know what’s good for you better than you do and notice different strengths and weaknesses than you do; also since everyone thinks differently they might come up with a challenge you never would have; for example…

Right now my writing tends to beĀ too fast paced because I pretty much only have scenes that obviously further the plot or arcs, and not enough arcs and detail to drag it out; I’m working on that, but I asked my brother to fill out the form for me and for the genre he put fluff… FLUFF! Is that even a genre? Not that I have anything against it, I like reading the occasional fluff peice on FanFiction.net but I hadn’t planned on writing one of my own.

If you’d like to try this challenge here’s the form without the notes to copy and paste (add or take away from it as you like) :

Minimum Word Count:
Extra Details:
Don’t Include:

P.S. This would be cool to do secret santa style with your writer’s group, just sayin’…

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