Challenge Scene 3: Run!

Jun 29, 2013 by

Sorry this one took me so long! I had trouble wording some of the action sequences right and I forgot until halfway through that...

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A New Kind of Challenge Scene:...

Jun 4, 2013 by

While working on my Inspiration From Mexico post one of the pictures put a scene in my head as soon as I saw it (so it had to go in...

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Challenge Scene 2: Robots

May 14, 2013 by

The challenge here is description, the scene takes place right after the last one. It’s really short at only 173 words but...

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Challenge Scene 1: Escaping

Apr 20, 2013 by

I’ve already told you about my challenge scenes  (here if you didn’t see it) and how they’re a good way for me to...

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Challenge Scenes

Mar 12, 2013 by

Challenge scenes are one of favorite ways to practice my writing. I take something that I want to improve on...

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