Challenge Scene 2: Robots

May 14, 2013 by

The challenge here is description, the scene takes place right after the last one. It’s really short at only 173 words but hopefully I managed to pack a lot of description and general awesome into them. I’ll let you be the judge of though.

Note: These scenes are to help me get better so I’d be happy to hear any constructive criticism you have (that’s actually what I want.)


            A red light flashed over the trees as a robot scanned the area, finding nothing it walked on slowly, leaving rectangles in the dirt. The robot’s body and feet were large rectangles, kept together by two thin legs with a bend in the middle. It had a small bulb on the top of its head that was turned off. It kept its gun extended as it flashed red lights from its eyes, ready to fire any minute.

It picked up on a sudden shrill sound and turned to face its direction. Words flashed over its eye screen ‘Processing sound… Intruder detected’. The light on its head blinked red as it started to move forward.

On the other side of the jungle a robot just like the first stopped suddenly as words scrolled across its vision ‘Signal detected’. It turned to follow the signal towards the first robot.

Soon another picked up on the signal, then another, then another. All through the jungle robots began to slowly march, all congregating toward a single spot.

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    • hannah C brown


      I suppose next challenge scene could go after it. I did already start it, just haven’t finished it yet. Wait a minute… did I accidentally start a fanfic?

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