Challenge Scene 3: Run!

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Sorry this one took me so long! I had trouble wording some of the action sequences right and I forgot until halfway through that Sonic hurt his arm in the first scene so I had to edit what I’d already written.

This one’s longer than the others  (1,836!) though so hopefully it’s worth the wait.

Note: If you haven’t read the first two this might not make much sense ’cause they go together. I’m writing a Sonic The Hedgehog fanfic that features a few of my fan characters while at the same time working on my action scenes and description. Enjoy!


            Sonic stumbled backwards, his eyes widening. “What?!” He wondered if he’d heard her right or maybe she didn’t mean it the way it sounded; but there she stood in front of him, hands into fists, eyes glaring and red faced, she was definitely mad at him. “How…” he whispered.

Before Cam could answer he saw a red light shine on her. He took two strides, grabbed her and ran a few steps, pushing her out of the way as a beam shot past. “You alright?”

She nodded, the anger on her face now replaced with surprise.

They looked around as they heard footsteps approach from all sides. Through the trees they could see robots closing in on them.

“Maybe we should talk about this later,” she whispered.

“Yeah, run!” he took off but before he could get anywhere robots stepped out of the trees and into his way. He leaped in the air as a ball and flung himself at one then another then another until the path was clear.

Cam ran through the rubble.

He dropped down and dashed after her.

The robots all slowly followed behind.

He caught up to her in seconds. He looked back and laughed. “When’s Eggman going to learn to make faster robots?”

The robots all stopped. Text scrolled over their vision ‘Activating boosters… 40%… 70%… 100%’. Small flaps along their arms opened up and fire jetted out, just enough to let them hover a few feet before fire burst from large jets in the soles of their feet.

His pupils shrunk. He looked where he was going just in time to hop over a large root. “When am I going to learn to keep my mouth shut?” He said quietly.

She just barely managed to hear him. “Why? What happened?”

“Nothing… I just think it’s time we picked up the pace,” he took a step behind her before picking her up, cringing as his shoulder throbbed. He shifted her slightly, putting more of her weight in his left arm before boosting into full speed.

She gave a quick scream at the sudden change in speed. She held onto him tight and looked back to keep the wind out of her eyes. Her long quills blowing in the wind blocked most of her vision; she brushed one aside and held it there. Her eyes widened as she saw a robot flying after them. “Sonic…”

“I know.”

The nearest robot shot a laser from its arm at the ground under itself and swung upward at Sonic.

“Step quickly!” she yelled.

He stepped to the left as the laser went by. “Thanks! Keep calling them.”

While he worked on running around the jungle terrain she kept her eyes on the robots.

The nearest aimed for them.



“Anywhere but here!”

He slid back on his heels, slowing down and causing the laser to blast in front of him. Once it was out of the way he took off again, a little worried as he realized that she was getting harder to carry.

Another robot scanned the area quickly before aiming its laser.

“It’s aiming-!” she saw it shoot a lingering beam way above their heads. “Up?”

The laser sliced through a towering tree, making it fall in Sonic’s path.

“Whoa!” He skidded along the dirt on his heels, stopping just as the tree hit the ground in front of him.

The ground shook on impact. The tree started to lean, its top hanging off a short cliff.

“They’re firing!” she shrieked.

He crouched and leaped onto the tree to grind down its trunk, taking the time to readjust her in his arms. The branches were coming up fast so he leaped off, landing at the bottom of the cliff and ran. He glanced around for the robots. “I think-”

“If you say that you think we lost them and they show up I will slap you.”

He shut up but looked annoyed.

Branches swayed rabidly above them as robots descended from the sky to hover in front of them.

He skidded to a stop before face planting them, then jumped to the side as one blasted at him. Once he landed he looked down to see Cam giving him a ‘look’. “What? I didn’t actually say it,” he took off but it didn’t take long before he ran into another group. He stopped and looked around.

“They’re everywhere!”

“Yeah…. I got to throw you somewhere OK?”


He ran between two machines, a laser blasting behind him as he ran a ways away and dropped her, both arms instantly feeling better. He turned back and took off for the robots who were charging his way.

They stopped in the air when they saw him and readied their guns.

He ran till he was a foot away then dropped into a roll and he went right under them. Once out of danger of their fire jets he unrolled and ran up a tree, jumped off at the top and slammed down onto the robot, sending it crashing to the ground with him standing on top, he instantly front flipped off before it could explode. He landed with two feet and his left hand on the ground, looking up at the robots he smirked. “Who’s next?”

One pointed its left arm at him, a small cannon rose from it to fire a missile.

Pupils shrinking, he spun, the missile barely grazing the tip of his nose before landing in the tree behind him, knocking it over to crush a smaller tree.

He faced the robot. “OK, you then,” he ran and jumped at a tree to bounce off, in midair he rolled into a ball and crashed through the robot, landing on his feet on the other side. He looked over his shoulder at the machine lying on the ground with a hole through it. “Still easy to break,” he spotted the cut on his shoulder bleeding and winced. He saw a laser head towards him just in time to jump over it. He took off in a circle around the robots, their lasers firing just behind his feet.

They stopped firing and just stared.

He could tell that they were calculating, next shot they wouldn’t miss. He rolled into a ball and spin-dashed past some trees and behind one. He peeked out to see the machines looking for him and was calculating an attack of his own when a scream echoed through the jungle.

He groaned. “Does this happen with every girl I know?” he whispered to himself before quickly but very carefully maneuvering away from the robots.

The spot he’d left Cam was now surrounded with robots.

She looked around frantically. Seeing no escape she turned and ran for a tree. She leaped up and just grabbed onto a branch when a robot grabbed her foot. She kicked back wildly to no avail. She stopped and started wiggling her foot out of her shoe.

Text scrolled over the robots vision ‘Captive taken… processing…’

While it figured out what to do with her she gave a final jerk, freeing her foot from the shoe and climbed up into the tree. As she reached for a higher branch it was shot down. She dropped down screaming and clung to the branch under her.

One robot aimed for her while sending the others a signal to find the other runaway.

As they started to walk off a blue ball flew through the air past them and into Cam’s attacker.

It grabbed him as he hit its chest but he kept spinning, drilling a hole through until it was lying on the ground and Sonic was crouching in the large hole. He stood and saw three robots in front of him.

“Yaaa!” Cam dropped down onto the middle’s back, a large sharp stick in her hands. She stabbed it into the robot’s small neck.

It sparked and fell over.

She rolled to her feet, facing one robot with her back to the other. She smacked the one behind her, knocking the aimed laser aside with the back of the makeshift spear before thrusting it into the optics of the one before her. Turning she slashed the other’s neck. As they fell over she looked up at Sonic who was staring at her wide eyed. She smiled. “What? You thought I was the useless kind of damsel in distress?”

“Well…” he glanced around, “yeah.”

A whooshing sound echoed between the trees, getting louder and louder.

She snapped back to serious. “How do they keep finding us?”

“I don’t know. Come on,” he scooped her up but with his right arm hurt and his left tired he just dropped her.

She sat up and rubbed her back, but thanks to the soft dirt she was more irked then hurt.

“Sorry,” he grinned guiltily. “Looks like that’s not going to work.”

“What do we do then?” she asked scared.

“We fight ‘em,” he said nonchalantly.

She gulped and looked behind him where a line of robots flew closer. She stuck the spear in the ground to pull herself up.

He turned to face their pursuers as they stopped and eased themselves to the ground. Surveying the area he smirked. He leaned closer to whisper “distract them, I have a plan,” before taking off for the left.

She fearfully watched him go before fixing her eyes on the robots as they stood shoulder to shoulder.

They all aimed their guns at her.

She screamed as she dropped to the ground, a spectrum of lasers firing above her. A sound like a buzz saw went off nearby and she looked around, afraid there were more of those orb robots. When she didn’t see them she turned back in time to roll out of the way of an oncoming shot. She pushed herself up and jumped back clumsily to dodge another shot. Turning and running she hid behind a medium sized tree.

They fired at her cover and she knew it was a matter of time before they broke through.

Clutching the sharp branch, tight in one hand she jumped out and threw it like a javelin only to have it stick it the ground halfway between her and the mechs. Her shoulders drooped. “Oh come on!”

Another shot went off at her.

She turned to dodge but the laser grazed her stomach. Stumbling back she landed into the tree and stayed there as she clutched her newest wound and looked up at the robots. Her adrenaline worn off from her escape earlier she had no energy left for. “Just shoot me,” she exhaled.

They aimed to do just that but before they could a large tree beside them shook. They turned to examine it just as it toppled over on top of them all.

The ground shook slightly.

Sonic leaned a hand against the fallen tree and smiled impressed with himself.

Cam took a deep breath, glad they hadn’t shot her after all and let herself collapse on the ground.

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