Challenge Scene: An Untimely End

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The woman before him didn’t seem human; Siegfried knew a little what that was like…

She had light gray skin that was mostly covered in spiked armor. “Get lost,” she said in a deep voice as she stepped closer, a long scythe in her hands.

Siegfried stood his ground. If she was going to get in his way of reaching Nightmare then he’d have to cut her down.

Seeing that he wasn’t going anywhere she moved forward, swinging her sickle.

He held his giant blade across him to block.

Either from the heat of the surrounding lava or the exhaustion of battle, the rest was a barely recognizable blur tilted in the woman’s favor. The weapons clashed each other and cut away at the armor.

He managed to grab her and immediately slammed his hilt into her head.

She crashed onto the stone ground.

Holding his greatsword over his shoulder, he stepped forward and swung down to end her.

But she’d regained her bearings quickly. She rolled aside, pushing herself up as his sword went down. She stepped around him till they were back to back; and as he was lifting his sword she swung her scythe over her shoulder and back up, slicing along his back.

He fell forward. As he lay on the ground the only strength he could muster was to clench the hilt of his trusted blade, Soul Calibur. “No…” he thought as his weakening gaze fell on the sword, “I didn’t come this far to not even reach him.”

“Don’t worry; it won’t hurt for long…”

As his consciousness faded her voice was the last thing he heard.

“It’s fatal.”


For Fan Fiction Month I wrote four Soul Calibur scenes and posted them to DeviantArt.

I played Soul Calibur and wrote down the fights immediately afterward; video game playing and writing rolled into one, aw yeah! I think the hardest part was making a way for those dumb lines they say to make sense.

It was a lot of fun; I might do more scenes like this for various video games in the future. I might even write a whole Soul Calibur story like this if anyone shows any interest.

If you want to see the other three scenes click the links below:

The Assassin: My custom character, Argos, is met with an assassin in this short, poetic and kinda silly scene.

Hall of the Warrior God: After the assassination attempt Argos flees to the Hall of the Warrior God where he runs into a strange opponent and a lingering question. (I’ll continue this if I get just one reader.)

Nightmare: Short oneshot of Nightmare kicking butt and taking souls.

Thanks for reading!

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