Challenge Scene: City’s Protectors

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Not knowing what part of writing I should specifically work on except getting faster at it, I made my challenge to write 1,000 words as fast as I could. Visions of me clicking away at my computer super fast played on in my head, which was far from the truth.

The time I did spend writing I was super slow but most of the time I spent being distracted by a light headache, a Dr. Pepper, being tired, people trying to talk to me, and a kitten; and I ended up having to go on to something else for a lot of the day. Now I think I finally know what it’s like to be my dad.

The scene’s about my Sonic fan characters, which is why they’re animals.

Critique is always welcome.



Challenge: Write 1000 words as fast as I can


Started: 12:35


Finished: 6:03




The sounds of screaming and rushing feet were followed by the sounds of clanging metal and shots.

Four animals lined up in the street, facing the oncoming sounds.

“Just once,” the blonde hedgehog, Cam, complained, “I’d like to have a normal Saturday afternoon.”

“This is normal for us,” The pink wolf beside her, Annalise, smirked.

“I know,” that’s the problem!”

“Girls focus!” Pyron snapped. He was the red hedgehog on the other side of Cam. “Robots will be coming this way any minute and we need to be rea-”

“I see them!” yelled the panicked voice of the green hedgehog next to Annalise, Luke.

A small army of eggpawns marched forward, a giant one at the back.

The street erupted with screams as animals ran.

But the four stayed in place.

Pyron held his arms out in front of him, his fists catching fire.

Cam pulled a black spear off of her back.

Annalise reached into her backpack and pulled out a chainsaw.

“Do I want to know where you got that?” Cam asked, wide eyed.

“Probably not.”

Luke stepped forward, adjusting his wristband. Facing his arm forward, he pressed a button on the band. A tiny needle fired out through the air, striking one of the robots.

Dink, the needle went as it bounced off.

The other three stared at Luke.

He smiled at them nervously. “Maybe I should sit this one out…”

They all snapped to attention as they heard shots firing; the eggpawns had begun firing their blasters at the retreating civilians.

“Cam, knock them down!” Pyron yelled.

She swung her spear horizontally, a wave of gravity flying across the army, knocking them all over save for the giant one.

“Hm, you have good balance for a big guy,” Pyron said quietly before yelling out orders. “Luke, help the civilians get away.”


“Girls, help me take out the robots,” him and the girls rushed forward.

Luke huffed before running forward as well.

An eggpawn got up just to get knocked down as Cam swung her spear at it.

She turned to stab another one, simultaneously sending a gravity blast backward at a third one.

The giant one held its arm out, missiles firing from the side of its arm down at the side walk.

“Cam!” Pyron yelled than waved up at missiles.

She sent a quick wave to knock down her attackers and looked to Pyron than the missiles.

The projectiles moved in a slow circular pattern.

She aimed her spear at them, focusing on them.

The missiles swerved into each other, exploding just out of reach of a couple.

Said people ducked as the missiles blew up. They looked up as a robot marched up to them, aiming its blaster. The woman screamed and buried her face in her husband’s shoulder as he held her.

“Hey!” Luke leapt at the robot and punched its round body.


“Ow,” he stepped back, shaking his fist out.

It turned to him.

He glanced at the couple. “Run!” He ran the opposite way from them, the robot behind him.

Dong! an eggpawn’s metal head rang when Pyron punched it. It stood dazed for a second from its rattled wired; unable to do anything about Pyron running past it or Annalise running up to chainsaw it in half.

A robot aimed its gun at Pyron as he ran for it.

He stepped aside. Grabbed the blaster and pointed it at another eggpawn; then slammed his elbow into a crease between its circular body and dome shaped head only to get a loud ringing sound. He frowned. “Sonic makes this look easy.”

A loud ZRRRR sound went past him as Annalise did.

A group of robos closed off her path to the giant, standing in a semi-circle. They all held up their guns and were seconds from firing when she swung her chainsaw across all of them. They stood still for a second than fell over in two pieces.

She snickered and kept running.

“Hyah!” Cam swung her spear, pulling an eggpawn back away from a retreating hedgehog.

It fell over, laying on its back on the sidewalk.

She faced the spear’s end at it, sending out a gravity blast that crushed the robot. Hearing a gun she turned toward it, ready to blast the robot, but she was a second too late. “AHH!”  her high pitched scream echoed through the street as she flew backwards a few feet, her back aching her she landed, her stomach burning where she was blasted.

The robot looked down at her, readjusting its gun.

She tilted her head up to see it and shot it away with her spear. She dropped her head and arms onto the pavement, the spear rolling away a foot.

“Cam!” Luke ran from the sidewalk to kneel beside her, looking her over, panicked. “Cam’s been hit!” he yelled to the others before looking back down at her.

“I’ll be fine,” her face tightened in pain.

“No,” he said, his tone more serious than usual. “Those burns are… well I don’t know what degree, but they look bad.”

“What are you doing?” she asked pained as he leaned closer and slipped his arms under her back and knees.

“There’s a hospital a few blocks from here,” he carefully stood with her in his skinny arms.

“But, Pyron and Ann!”

He looked at where they were fighting the eggpawns, not actually sure if they’d be fine own their own or not.

A figure blurred past them, picking up Cam’s spear as went. It stopped in front of the army, blasting the robots back.

Once the figure stopped Luke could see that it was a purple vixen in all black, with roller skates on her feet. “Skate?” he asked surprised.

A robot ran up to the fox.

She pointed the spear at it and it lifted into the air. She turned quickly on her skates, throwing it into another robot. She held the spear over her shoulder as she heard metal footsteps behind her and blasted. Then, as the before knocked over robots stood and ran at her, she swung the lance from left to right, crashing all the eggpawns into each other. She turned to Luke, a sly smile on her face. “Why do you guys never invite me to the cool parties?”

He just gaped.

“Go before you drop her.”

“Right,” he shifted his arms, having already been about to drop Cam, and ran off.

As Skate turned around Pyron ran backwards to stand beside her, panting a little.

“Can you take out the rest of the little ones?” he asked.

She narrowed her eyes, her smile almost evil. “Done.”

He rushed to the left, slid over the hood of a parked car and onto the sidewalk away from the eggpawns. He ran past the small army that was getting smaller by the second and near the giant one; where Annalise apparently already was.

Sparks flew from the giant eggpawn’s leg as she held the chainsaw against it.

It pulled its leg back away from her and kicked her.

She dropped the saw as she went flying. She sat up slowly to see the robot aiming the side of its arm at her.

Pyron’s eyes went wide. Bursting a hand on fire, he pulled it back and hurled a fireball up as the missiles peeked out of the robo’s arm.

BOOM! The robot stumbled back. It regained its balance to find its right arm blown off.

With the small eggpawns all wreckage Skate turned to see what Pyron and Annalise were doing.

Pyron climbed up onto a car and set his sight on the robot’s empty arm socket. He threw his hand forward, sending a blast of fire into it.

As soon as the flame left his hand Skate held the spear to where one end lined up with Pyron and one with Annalise. She pulled back quickly, pulling the two back towards her, just as the robot blew up.

The force of the blast still caught them and sent all three flying backwards. A unisoned grunt of pain went out as their backs hit the pavement.

With all the robots now gone the three just laid there breathing hard.

“Good work team,” Pyron said between gasps.

Skate rolled her eyes.

He glanced at her from the corner of his eye. “How did you get here?”

“It’s a long story.”

He looked confused. “Really?”

“No, I just don’t feel like telling it.”

Annalise looked around. “Where’d Cam and Luke go?”

“Dang!” Pyron pushed himself up and ran off to find them.

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