Clash of Heroes

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“Ready?” a voice boomed as Link and Mario stood on the top of a moving train. “Fight!”

Link immediately threw a bomb and it was met with Mario’s flag, sending it back to explode right in front of Link’s feet. He had already pulled out another bomb. He stepped forward and threw it; that one hit him on its way back.

Mario flipped forward then back, avoiding all the bombs that Link through next.

He paused, tightening his grip on his sword, oh forget this. He leapt forward, holding his sword up and swinging it down, a blow that knocked Mario to the other end of the train.

He quickly got back up and threw off a fireball. He rolled forward. The fire hit Link just before Mario ended his roll in front of him; the fire made him stop just before Mario punched him in the face.

No wonder he can break brick blocks, Link thought as he lay on his back. While facing the sky he saw a pokeball falling toward their arena.

Mario rushed at him.

He sat up then rolled back, getting to his feet. He ran forward a step and leapt up just as the plumber punched at him, jumping over his head. He caught the ball out of the air and threw it down as he fell. He landed on his feet and was immediately knocked forward by a punch in the back.

Link looked back to see a pokemon standing between him and Mario. He looked at it curiously for a quick moment; what was it a weird unicorn? He decided he didn’t care what it was once it threw Mario upward with a swing of its horn.

As Mario tumbled down it swung again, this time throwing him off the edge.

The pokemon looked around and seeing nothing else for it to do disappeared.

Link saw a platform come down, Mario standing atop it. He readied a bomb.

He leapt down and threw a fireball before Link could toss his bomb. The fire hit it and blew it up in his hand.

He cringed in pain and wondered why he even bothered with those sometimes.

Mario rushed forward and a flurry ensued of punches and sword swings from both heroes.

A flash of color appeared between them and they both stepped back. A smash ball formed then floated up above them.

Link jumped and gaped in shock as he was suddenly pulled back down, his back crashing into the ground.

Mario held onto his feet. He spun him around in a circle before tossing him away where he hit the train roof and tumbled a few feet. He looked up, surprised to find the smash ball was no longer there. Looking back down he found it floating where he’d just thrown Link.

The Hylian slashed as he stood, the ball breaking, lending its power and rainbow glow to Link.

He stepped back and felt his heel go off the train.

He held his hand up, the Triforce on the back of his hand flying forward to incase Mario with Link right behind.

“Five!” the announcer started.

Link slashed as fast as he could as the countdown continued. With seconds left he swung a final smash through the Triforce, shattering it into a hundred sparkly pieces and sending Mario flying out of sight.


He thrust his sword upward in victory and smiled. But wait… he dropped his sword and slapped a hand on his face as he realized that now he was going to have to find the Triforce pieces all over again.


A Super Smash Brothers scene I wrote for this prompt:

Prompt 7


If I wasn’t writing from what had happened I wouldn’t have made the fight so one sided. In fact I added everything Mario did except using the flag at the beginning. I also cut out half of my bomb throwing…

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