Daydream Scenes

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You can work on character development by imagining what your characters imagines.

So I came up with a concept for a future fanfic; the story was basically a normal unexciting day for my fan characters but every chapter would include a daydream, allowing the reader to get inside each character’s head one at a time. While writing it though I realized that I had to really get inside their heads.

This is how I was doing the scenes: First you take a character’s situation and look at it through their eyes, a situation might look a lot worse to a dramatic type or a pessimist, and their rival despite the fact that they might not be a bad person is suddenly the villain.

But this is a little more complicated than just flipping the point of view, next add a little of how the character wants their situation to be, I.E their hero might now be their sidekick and that girl he’s had a crush on the whole story? She likes him back.

Then, to makes things fun I put a spin on it, for example my main guy’s daydream resembled something like Skyrim while the mean girl’s played out soap-operaish. So here I had to figure out what genres my characters like and what kind of shades is their world is colored in* and just what kind of characters they want to be.

*For example you might catch yourself comparing things to comic books while your friend might compare everything to comedies.

That’s the basic formula I followed anyway, of course your characters might daydream in a completely different style but only you would know that. 😉

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