Fan Fiction Month

Jun 2, 2015 by

Last year I declared June Fan Fiction Month, because fan fiction has a bad rep that needs to be fixed.

Now I’m not trying to make excuses for it, there are a lot of fan fics out there; but flaming people for writing it is like yelling at them for trying.

Fan fiction is a great way to get started writing, Star Trek fan fic writers have become show writers, Marissa Meyer got started writing with fan fiction, and writing it taught me to be more focused.

If people are starting there then of course their fan fics aren’t going to be the best; but attacking them or discounting fan fiction from real writing isn’t going to fix the problem. No we need to accept them as real writers¬†and help them like we would others.

This month I’m going to post an article every week celebrating the good fan fiction can do while working on the bad:

(Links will be posted here once the posts go up)

Writing Prompt 6: Crossover

A fun prompt who can do with your writer friends.

Is Your Fan Character a Copy?

A video about recognizing if your character’s a copy; and tips to fix it.

Challenge Scene: An Untimely End

Soul Calibur scene of a fight I played.

Writing Cheat

A quick writing tip. This one’s secret for now (it’s not because I don’t know what it is yet, noooo).

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