February: What to Expect this Month

Feb 1, 2013 by

It’s February so I’ve decided to jump on the romance bandwagon and talk a little about that this month. Now this may seem sort of like following the crowd (and I guess in a way it is) but I’ve found that it’s easier to write certain things at the certain times; and when everywhere you go you see hearts, chocolates and mushy advertisements it helps puts you in the mood to write romance. When love’s in the air catch it and put it in your story.

Now some of you might hate Valentines day and seeing it everywhere might put you in a sour mood  but that’s OK, you could use that feeling to write a heartbreaking goodbye (about every feeling can be turned into a scene;) and when you’re done with that eat some chocolate or something, don’t stay sour all month!

Marissa Meyer’s Scarlet comes out this month and I’m super excited so I’ll post something about Little Red Riding Hood if I can come up with something.

Also you can expect another MUSE in Music post since I’m thinking of making that a monthly post.

The 26th is Tell a Fairy Tale day so come back then for a fairy tale related post.

I wish you all the best this month!

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