I’m Thinking of Entering a Writing Contest

Jun 6, 2014 by

Me and my little cousin were basically telling each other ghost stories earlier and I came up with one that we both really liked; so much that I not only decided to write it but scoured for short story contests to enter in.

And I found one!

Dream Quest One Poetry and Writing Contest

You can write about anything as long as it’s original and 30 lines or fewer if it’s a poem or 5 pages or fewer if it’s a story. There’s a small entrance fee but a chance at some pretty good money. You can even enter multiple entries as long as you pay the fee each time. The deadline is July 31st so I only have 2 months to write it but since I’ve already got the whole story figured out it shouldn’t be too hard.

What do you think? It’s worth a try right?

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  1. Sounds like fun. You never know… besides… what’s the worst that can happen? O wait… I probably just gave you an idea you didn’t need…

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