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Since I’m still celebrating the completion of the first draft of the story I started 8 years ago I decided to invite my main character to join me! (Well that was a long sentence…)

She’s a cloaked rebel hero to one kingdom but nothing but a disobedient useless princess to her own. She might not be the best at listening, caring or keeping her temper in check; but that doesn’t matter because she’s a true hero! Or at least she thinks she is…

Everybody meet Princess Hannah of the Elves!

Rights go to the cosplayer, Morgan. She just happens to looks a lot like my character.

Rights go to the cosplayer, Morgan. She just happens to looks a lot like my character.

(Note: She is in no way an author insert or supposed to be like me; when I was younger I had no qualms with naming a character after myself and by this point it’s too late to change it.)

Thanks for agreeing to this interview today, Hannah!

I had a choice in the matter?

 So you’re a rebel. What are you rebelling against?

That subject change wasn’t even subtle. But to answer your question: Sigmund. I refuse to call him king but that’s what he thinks he is.

Do you want to elaborate on him?

No. But since you’re making me; he took over the kingdom 17 years ago and has set out to destroy it for some reason. I don’t even care why; I just know I have to stop him.

What inspired you to become a rebel?

The first rebel hero, Vayne, him and his team.

Do you have help in your rebellious endeavours?

I have a partner, well two I suppose, a spy and a few people who give what support they can from home.

How long have you been training with a sword?

About 10 years.

What do you do when you’re not rebelling?

Explore the forest or spend time with my best friend; sometimes I volunteer to help out the other Elves, anything to stay out of the palace.

And why is that?

Why stand around doing nothing but hear people who don’t approve of you? Besides I’ve always enjoyed the outside more anyway.

What’s your type?

My type of what?

You know… boys.

Oh please! I’m much too busy for that.

Fine. What’s your favorite outfit then?

A simple light dress, sturdy boots and gloves, my bronze belt and a cloak, it’s my adventuring clothes.

People in the kingdom you’re helping say that there are no heroes. What do you think of that?

I think I am about to change a few minds.

What if an editor thought we shouldn’t share a name?

Change yours then!

See what I have to put up with to write this story people? Note: Make a character a rebel and she will rebel against your plans.

It was never your story anyway.

Yeah I know that now.

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