Letter to Writers: Don’t Write Ideology Sues

Mar 5, 2014 by

Looking through pages on one of my favorite websites, Springhole, I found this: (click picture for full article)

Ideology Sue

All Mary Sues are annoying but these are particularly bad. Why? Because they can be harmful to your beliefs; readers will see your character as a reflection of how people of your belief system act, if your character wins arguments using double standards and straw men people will assume that’s how you win them and that you don’t actually have good arguments.

So how do you fix it? By focusing on writing a good story with good character first. It’s OK to make religion an important part of the story or for your plot to even hinge on it but if you make sure you have good plot and characters people will read it for that and will read your ideals without feeling like they’re being preached at; and sometimes that’s the best way to preach.