Letter to Writers: Protect Your Wrists

Apr 3, 2014 by

Don’t wait until you have carpal tunnel syndrome, protect your wrists now; especially since it’s easier than you might think.

Man rubbing his wrist after typing too long on the laptop

A week before NaNoWriMo my brother’s wrists started hurting bad; he took a week long break to let them rest but on the first day of NaNo they flared up again halfway into the day. We were afraid he wouldn’t be able to do NaNo but within the week his wrists were up for the challenge without even completely recovering.


First off is exercising your wrists, something I’m not good about doing but when I do it always helps. Here is a link to the exercise we use (actual exercise is on page 2). Do this once a day whether your wrists are hurting or not to save you from a lot of pain later.

Second is to make sure you wear wrist braces whenever you write. Light or medium (I suggest medium) can keep your wrists from moving around unnecessarily without hindering your writing. Heavy pretty much keeps you from using that hand and you won’t need them unless your wrists already hurt really bad; in which case wear them when you sleep to keep your wrists still when you won’t be using them anyway (it’s what my brother did).

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