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Mar 21, 2013 by

Thanks to the nerdy video game joke on my last post concerning an update on my blog I decided to call my new features ‘level ups’. ūüėõ

So about this new feature, I added a blogroll which you can find on the top right sidebar. Now, for a quick summary on each site on my blogroll.


Marissa’s one of my very favorite authors and author of the Lunar Chronicles.¬†Her blog has tips for writing, updates on her blog tours and extras about her series, it’s a great place for a fan like me. Also the way she writes her posts, they’re so much fun to read!


Gail was my favorite author growing up and she’s still at the top of my list. Her books have¬†influenced¬†my writing a lot. She’s also a writing teacher which might be why her blog’s so great with tons of articles on writing.


I’d tell you what they do but it’s in the name. I’m friends with the people over at this site (you might have seen Jakin Rinn here.) Plus I love sci-fi and fantasy!


Bonnie has great reviews and cover reveals; and she shares my love of fairy tales. If you also love fairy tales you’ll want to visit her site on March 24th when the annual Fairy Tale Fortnight event starts. (I’m looking forward to that!)


This site has helpful articles on writing, fun¬†generators, and multiple quizzes, some helpful, some just for fun. The Mary Sue test while I might use it more for guidelines than actual rules helps me keep my characters in check. And if you check it out try the Awful Teen Paranormal Romance Story MadLib for a laugh. (I couldn’t quit laughing all day.)

Well that’s all I’ve got for now, I’ll keep you posted if I add any more.

Hannah’s Stats:

Level: 3

HP: 35

MP: 15

XP: 100

 Experience needed to reach next level: Finish the about page

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