Level Up!: Going Mobile

Feb 25, 2014 by

This site is now mobile friendly! It used to look the same but smaller and that was kind of a pain; but now if you visit on your mobile device it changes format, the article stubs (I think that’s what they’re called?) on the homepage are rectangular and take up most of the screen and you just scroll down to see more. My logo’s on a pretty blue pattern (I have no idea why the pattern’s there but I like it) at the top, and at the bottom is categories or random posts, I don’t remember. Of course if you’re reading this on a mobile device you’ve already figured that all out…

The coolest part is that I didn’t have to change my theme to do it. Wondering how? If you’re signed up with Elegant Themes then click here and look under downloads, it’s the one called handheld.

Hannah’s Stats:

Level: 5

HP: 50

MP: 25

XP: 200

 Experience needed to reach next level: Start my super secret new feature

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