Level Up!: The Mocha Review

May 21, 2014 by

The Mocha Review 2



That’s right, the secret blog feature I’ve been giggling about this month is The Mocha Review, where I will be… well reviewing mocha.


If there’s something writers across the country have in common (besides writing of course) it’s an obsession with coffee; but of course we’re obsessed, the caffeine helps keep us awake, focused and hyped up to write well past our bedtime.

I’m a little more picky though; regular coffee is too bitter for me and I’ve been a chocoholic for years so I only drink mocha. For a while I pretty much just drunk Swiss Miss’s Mocha Cappuccino but when they quit making it (I was crushed, why Swiss Miss? Why?!) I started trying new mochas, trying to find my new perfect drink.

That’s when a lightbulb went off in my head; while I’m trying every mocha I can find I might as well review it! I would be kind of doing that anyways, now I’ll just also write it.

Yeah, that’s nice. What will the reviews be like?

Excellent question you didn’t actually ask me!

I want to encompass as much as possible so I’ll be writing about it’s taste, nutrition, how well it helped me write and then extras like size and price. Each of those categories will be marked with bold text to help you find what you want to know about.

Where’d you get that picture?

I made it with paint using stock photos from these websites that offer free to use pictures:




And yes I know that coffee cup needs work; I’m working on it.


As is tradition to put at the end of my level up posts:

Hannah’s Stats:

Level: 6

HP: 55

MP: 30

XP: 250

 Experience needed to reach next level: Get a channel on YouTube

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