Little Red Riding Hood Highlight

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A Backwards Story is doing a week of Little Red to celebrate the release of Marissa Meyer’s Scarlet. Since I love fairytales and am highly anticipating this book I decided to join in on the fun with my own post. (The banner’s a link to A Backwards Story.)

There’s been many versions of the story over the years and I’m going to highlight some of my favorites.


Hoodwinked is such a cute movie. The cops walk into a house and find a girl, a guy with an axe, a tied up grandma and a wolf dressed as said grandma. What do they assume? Pretty much the story we already know; but then a frog walks in (I think his name is Mr. Flippers?) and says “You see four suspects but I see four stories.” As the cops question the four the real story is unveiled.

Scarlet Moon

Scarlet Moon by Debbie Vigue is one of my favorite books. Giselle (the grandmother) has been banished from town because she’s believed to be a witch, but Ruth (our little red) loves her grandmother and visits her often.

When Ruth was little she was attacked by a green eyed wolf in the woods. Nine years later she’s working in her father’s shop when a mysterious green eyed man shows up. They both feel drawn to each other and they don’t realize what they’re getting themselves into; because the man is the Marquis’s son, William, whose family’s is cursed.

The book’s short but it’s very descriptive and I love Ruth, William and Giselle. The curse and the green eyed thing is obvious, I know; but it gives that all away on the back of the book so….



Possibly the coolest Little Red Riding Hood ever is Once Upon a Time’s Ruby. *Spoilers*

Because this little red is the wolf! Her family is what they call Children of the Moon, or as we know them, werewolves. Her red cloak protects her from becoming a wolf but as a human she still has some wolf abilities.

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