My Homepage has a Picture Now!

Mar 3, 2013 by

Which you probably saw.

The homepage looked a bit bland to me, I liked it but it needed a picture; however the theme I’m using doesn’t allow me to put up a banner. Dead end? That’s what I thought until my dad helped me. Thanks dad!

OK so first off I’m using the Magnificent theme from Elegant themes so if you want to do something similar here’s how: make sure the slider is enabled (sure you could just leave it at that but I wanted one picture to stay up there), put the picture you want in a post and give it a category that only belongs to that post (in my case I added a picture to my first post and gave it the category ‘welcome’) keep in mind that the post’s title will show up on your picture, go to your slider options and select your featured category, then go to general and enable ‘grab the first post image’ that will show the pictures from your posts on the homepage as thumbnails and also allow the slider to use the images, now that last step also takes the first pictures from a post and puts it on the top of the post as a thumbnail, if you don’t want that (like I didn’t) then go to layout settings and disable where it says ‘place thumbs on post’; and that’s how me and my dad made my banner. 🙂

At first I didn’t like the idea of it having a blog title on it cause I just wanted a picture, and I really didn’t like that it has the date of the post on it cause it’s not about the post it’s about the picture! But now I like that it’s a welcome mat to my blog and realized that the date actually has a double meaning, my first post was put up the first day so it’s also saying when this blog was posted.

The picture is of hills in Scotland and is also how I picture the country in my main story to look.

I personally think it’s beautiful; I think my blog just leveled up (game nerd here). Well I’ll quit rambling now… see ya next post!

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