My Secret Project Unveiled

Apr 29, 2015 by

The beginning of this Summer I’m going to self publish an Ebook, Sundrops from Heaven!

It’s an inspirational poetry book for Kindle; it’ll have between 60 to 100 poems and should cost $3.00.


You are never alone

Where a flower buds

A garden will grow

Where a bird flies

A flock will follow

Where the sun rises

Daylight will pass

Where one blade is

Will be a field of grass

Where a drop falls

Rain will pour

Where a soldier stands

Will come many more

You are never alone

I’m super excited and worried about it. I’m still writing poems for it and I haven’t even started formatting, ah! If I have anymore updates I’ll keep you posted.

For poems every day and maybe some sneak peeks at the poems in this book follow my Twitter.

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