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I’m not sure I’m calling this by the right name but I realized that me and my dad don’t write and organize our stories the same way which made me curious how other people might; so I figured I’d share how I do it.

I don’t keep my story in a single Word doc. mostly because I tend to not write in order and it’s hard to find anything if it’s all together. Instead I like to keep each chapter in a separate one, but usually I don’t figure out the chapters until it’s partly written so it gets more complicated than that.

First I make a folder for the story, then I write each scene in a different Word doc.; a lot of the time I’ll group scenes together too, like every scene that takes place in a certain time frame i.e. a doc. for when my characters are at the first place they go, one for the second, one for the road between, etc.

I also have a lot of short scenes that I don’t know where to fit yet so I make a doc. for all of them; and sometimes more specific ones, for example for my main story I have one called ‘The Bad Guys’ that has every scene with them I’ll sprinkle through the story later.

Once I’ve got so much written I go back and figure out where the chapters should be divided and rearrange scenes into fewer doc.s. As of now I only have the first 12 figured out so I’ll figure out the others as I write more. (I have a few more then that figured out but they’re later into the story so I don’t know their number yet.)

I also keep files in my story’s folder which ends up looking something like this:


Sample Folder

So what’s your process?

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