Populace: The Character You Didn’t Know You Had

Jan 27, 2015 by

Every story has a general public or society that you don’t see much. Not only is the populace basically part of world building but it can also be viewed as a character and this background character can be more important than you think.

Knowing the world’s society helps build your characters, they lived in that world and were raised with those thoughts around them-sometimes those thoughts are even ingrained in you whether you notice or not-so society raised them, it’s going to affect them.

It will determined their actions and at least somewhat how they think; it can also heighten aspects of your characters whether they conform or rebel;  like how most Hobbits act and think heightens Bilbo’s sense of adventure.

What the populace thinks of your characters can affect them. In my main story I have a character who starts out very reserved and is often down on himself because of the way most people view him; but as the populace grows to accept him he grows to accept himself too.

I’m still learning how to actually show the populace in a story; some ideas are to eavesdrop on background characters’ conversations or have a character to reflect common views.

Make sure you’re including the society because it’s both part of the world and adds character.

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