Project Oasis: Reimagine What You Already Know

Aug 19, 2014 by

Mariah's Town by kattelfodder. Click pic for link.

Mariah’s Town by kattelfodder. Click pic for link.

Sometimes it’s hard to think about the new while the old is still around so my first step in my character reboot project was to change the character design.

I already knew that, for me, a character’s look and personality go hand in hand, change the look and I’m able to start making changes to the personality.

I already knew this because of two other characters of mine, Gracelene and Raiya. While coming up with the characters to a new story Gracelene’s look was the first thing that popped in my head for one of them and it got stuck; I didn’t even catch it at first so I let it go on. But soon I was unable to imagine Raiya acting any differently than Gracelene, I even accidentally called her Gracelene!

I pinpointed the start of the problem back to the character design. Gracelene has pale skin, gray eyes and brown hair that hangs in ringlets just past her shoulders. So I gave Raiya dark skin, white eyes and longer wavy black hair; Immediately I was able to develop Raiya as her own character.

For Shadra I went for a less drastic change but I did make her hair shorter and flatter to her head for a more modern look and made her a little less monochromatic.

I went from:

Shadra the Cat (Closeup, Original)


Made with chriserony's Sonic Charrie Maker (Click pic for link)

Made with chriserony’s Sonic Charrie Maker (Click pic for link)


Honestly her design wasn’t that good to begin with…

The other reimaging I’ve done is given her new theme songs, because the songs I used to use for her might still fit but put images of old Shadra in my head, so for now I must avoid them.

I’m also rethinking what I already knew about her world, but that’s a different blog post.

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