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Thanks Enigmatic-K for letting me use this beautiful picture (click picture for link)

Thanks Enigmatic-K for letting me use this beautiful picture (click picture for link)

An older character of mine is getting a reboot!

Her name’s Shadra (pronounced shod-ra) and she’s a Sonic fan character. I’ve had her for a few years now and I still haven’t done much with her; there are a lot of characters I haven’t done much with but this one’s different because I’ve tried again and again and have given up every time.

She’s one of the main characters in the first few stories of an ongoing series. The rest of the characters are really fun to write about and each have stories that I really want to tell, but every time I go to I realize I have to start with Shadra and I quit. She’s just so depressing to write about; there isn’t much to her personality except that she’s mad and depressed all the time and is always acting so above-it-all even though she hates herself…

I’ve considered writing out of the story but I have to rework the whole thing to not need her backstory and that idea’s more stress inducing than she is. I’ve considered killing her off halfway through but that doesn’t fix the problem of her being a bad character in the first half. I even considered not writing the story at all, I’d say “It’s fanfiction right?” Wrong! I’ve been working with this story and it’s characters (besides Shadra) for years and it means a lot to me. Why should I give it all up because of one problem?

I basically have two options: Take it as a loss and move on or try to fix it and use this as a learning experience. I’m constantly looking for ways to grow as a writer so I’m choosing the latter option (and I want to keep my story.)

Of course you can’t just simply change a character or I wouldn’t have this problem; and working with her has proved more difficult than I thought it would. So how do you fix a bad character? I already have some ideas I’m going to try and I’m going to keep you updated every step, sharing what works and what doesn’t.

And I’m calling this whole thing Project Oasis. Named because she lives in an oasis and water in a desert is reviving, like how I’m trying to revive my character.

I even started a Pinterest board to help with my project.

And a Grooveshark playlist.

Shadra made with chriserony's Sonic Charrie Maker (Click pic for link)

Shadra made with chriserony’s Sonic Charrie Maker (Click pic for link)

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  1. Interesting. This makes me want to use amnesia as an easy personality change.

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