Quick Tip to Getting Writing Done

May 12, 2014 by

Green Check Mark

Last Thursday on Twitter I promised an explanation to why I was writing so much better on Thursday than every other day that week. Well here’s that explanation:

I have a horrible memory so I keep a list of everything I want to do in the day on a dry erase board and as I get things done I check them off; it’s simple, keeps me on track and the check marks allow me to see my progress through the day; however it almost became a problem.

When I started adding more work to my board it (obviously) got harder to do everything and seeing less check marks at the end of the day made me feel unaccomplished. So I started doing the things that would get me check marks the fastest without even realizing that that was what I was doing; the problem being that writing wasn’t one of those things.

So how did I fix it? With a super simple solution: give myself a check for every 100 words rather than for having written something. It worked instantly, on Thursday (when I decided to do it) I quickly had 400 words done, plus 4 check marks on my board, which looks very accomplished!

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