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I’m not planning on doing many reviews here but I had to do this one. Plus I’m not sure what else to do for Easter since it sprung at me unexpectedly (holidays that move around are hard to keep up with), so I didn’t have time to come up with a way to put a writing or inspiration spin on the holiday. But you didn’t click on this to hear me ramble about that, you came for a review so… *ahem*

History Channel has been doing a special for Easter, a 5 episode, two hours each, series of the bible, and the last episode airs tonight. It’s supposed to go from Genesis to Revelations, but try fitting the entire bible in 10 hours so they’ve left a lot out, just having a narrator skim over parts and focusing on individual stories, which I can understand. I don’t understand some other choices they made but I’ll get to that.

The good:

I’m glad they made a special to celebrate what Easter’s really about, and that this has piqued people’s interest in what really happened (I’ll get back to that.) I loved the opening with Noah telling about the Creation while he was on the ark, and that moment where he runs onto the deck and looks out at the world covered in water, awesome!

I love when David quoted Psalms and when they quoted Isaiah during the nativity, because those are two books that are impossible to act out and they found a way to fit them in perfectly.

The sets are really good and the special effects are amazing, I especially love Adam rising from the dirt. I couldn’t find a picture of it though but this one’s just as cool:


 The bad:

As cool as the parts they got right are, most of it’s slightly to very inaccurate. They change lines for no reason, really their new lines don’t add drama or help with pacing or anything like that, it feels as if they changed them just to be changing them. It seems like every scene’s changed at least slightly, again for no reason. They added things that aren’t there and made some scenes take a lot longer than they needed to add drama, when keeping them as is would have had the same impact and allowed for more scenes. And what’s with having it that Jesus didn’t know what was going to happen? He’s God!

I’m also not too big on their casting choices. Now the bible doesn’t tell us what most of the people looked but we know they were jews, which a few of their actors are so obviously not; and when it says that someone was tall and handsome shouldn’t you find someone like that? Instead of…

Yeah.... (Although they probably couldn't get who I would've cast as Saul.)

Yeah…. (Although they probably couldn’t get who I would’ve cast as Saul.)

And the guy who plays Jesus kills me, he talks so slow and quiet; no one wants to sit on a mountain and listen to someone talk like that for hours.

In conclusion: I’d watch it in celebration of the holiday and to help refresh me of the story, and sometimes having something visual helps; but don’t take it as gospel (ha, that expression’s actually true this time) because they changed a lot. It’d probably be best to read the bible along with it.

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