Saying Goodbye to ScifiFantasyTalk

Oct 23, 2013 by

I’m taking one of the sites off my blogroll because it went down a few weeks ago. But first one of the writer’s from it wanted to say goodbye. The writer, Scheherazade, which I now have no problem with telling you was me.

Sorry I was misleading last post I mentioned ScifiFantasyTalk, for whatever reason I wanted to keep my personas separate. But anyway…

The site never really went anywhere but I’m still glad it existed; it allowed me to see how a blog works and the kind of work I’d have to put into one before I had my own. It also helped me establish my work ethic.

It couldĀ have went somewhere but we all found other goals we’d rather pursue and even though we liked the site it was just giving us more work that we didn’t need.

So if it was a person I’d say something like this:

Goodbye ScifiFantasyTalk, most people won’t even know you existed but remember thatĀ I did and that I won’t forget the help you were. It’s time to move on-with all the other things I have to do-but I will miss you. Goodbye and thanks!

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