Taking Back Your Story

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Can’t get you your story to do what you want? Are your characters pursuing a side plot you don’t think you need? Or taking forever doing nothing? If you want to take your story back you need to remember that there’s three things you always have control of.


You decide what is and isn’t possible; especially if it takes place in a world you created. You decide if the plan they construct is literally possible; but remember that in some instances you’ll have to explain why or why not, like if you say airplanes aren’t an option and it looks like modern days.


There are so many outside forces that indirectly affect us. Say a blight hits part of a rain forest, that happens to be where your favorite coffee shop gets their beans, the shortage makes them raise their price temporarily, you’re strapped on cash this week (because of another outside force) so you go to a different coffee shop, there you overhear about a new bookstore downtown that you might not have known about otherwise, so you go there when you have more money and run into an old friend, you reconnect and it’s all because something happened to a rain forest.

As a writer you can set up the chain of events that will lead your character where you want them to go.


You control the forces of nature; rain or snow to slow a journey, a tornado to make them hurry up, a tsunami to create impending doom. You decide if it’s day or night and what day of the week it is. Similar to what I said in fate I guess but shows just how much power you really have over your world.


Just because you can take your story back doesn’t mean you should. See where the story wants to go on it’s own first; a lot of times it had the better idea all along.

Basically you might not always have control of your stubborn character but you always have control of their world; but you should mostly use these if the story is getting way off track from the direction it needs to be heading or slows down too much.

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