The 5 Creepiest Monsters

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Nothing adds horror and suspense like a good monster, and it doesn’t have to be a ‘monster movie’ to have one, but rather an adventure with one to add an element to the story, scare readers and bring out unseen things about the characters.

It’s the scary monster scenes that stay ingrained in peoples brain years after; think about it, which scene do you remember better? Gandalf fighting the Balrog or when he comes back as the White Wizard?

So to start off our little month of horrors I’m going to share five monsters from pop culture that have been ingrained in my brain. (Spoiler alert.)

5: GLaDOS from Portal/Portal 2



Through the first Portal (I don’t know anything about the second yet) you’re going through a bunch of test chambers while being instructed by a robotic voice; it seems innocent enough at first but sometimes her voice skips or cuts out and you start to get the feeling that she’s doing it purposely to not tell you something. Then you find writings on the wall warning that she’s lying.

Come to find out, you’re just a lab rat to her and she controls the maze; and more than that she’s taken over the whole facility from the humans.

With her mystery, subtle threats and the fact that she’s everywhere GLaDOS is easily one of the creepiest villains I’ve seen but since she’s technically a robot, not a monster I put her as five.

4: Ringwraiths/Nazgul from The Lord of the Rings




Nine men, once great kings, given rings of power that turned turned them into ghostly-not quite alive or dead-servants for Sauron. Had they questioned their gifts they might have known their purpose but they didn’t, seeking power.

After being corrupted by the rings they turned into grim reaper like creatures with poisoned swords, dark horses, shadowy voices and later dragons.

If that wasn’t scary enough, their true forms and the fact that they can see you while you’re wearing a ring of invisibility definitely is.

And then there’s the hobbits; the small kind folk that are the easiest to identify with are the ones the Nazgul are after; and monsters are always worse while chasing the kind but weaker ones.

3: Weeping Angels from Doctor Who

Weeping Angel

There might not be a creepier idea then a monster that moves so fast that you could be dead if you even blink.

Despite what they look like they aren’t actually statues but creatures that turn to stone whenever looked at, the ultimate defense mechanism that makes them unkillable. Their abilities are vague; one was pointing at a lightbulb in statue form and the light went out; how did it do that and what abilities come with it I don’t know, but their mystery only makes them creepier. One ability is clear, one touch and they can send you backwards in time.

So you can’t fight them, you can’t run away and if they touch you once your defeated; what are you supposed to do?

Then they go and make it worse in later episodes when they make every statue out to be one and say that anything that takes the form of an Angel is an Angel; so now every statue or picture of one is creepy! (Yes I’m now scared of that picture up there too.)

Had the episode Blink aired when I was little the Angels would probably take the number one slot, but they didn’t so their 3.

2: The Headless Horseman from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


The Headless Horseman has always scared me, it’s actually the first monster that I can remember seeing in a movie.

From the 1949 Disney cartoon where he throws a flaming jackolantern at Ichabod Crane, to the 1999 Tim Burton film where he severs heads in search of his own and keeps them all in a tree, to the new Fox TV series where he wields a scorching axe along with some guns and is supposed to be one of the riders of the apocalypse; the headless man with his devilish horse is always scary.

Legend has it he fought in a nameless battle in the American Revolution where he got his head shot off; later to haunt a town already renowned for it’s ghosts.

1: Watchers from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


Yuuuup, the creepiest monster is a flying sheet with a lantern; but let me explain:

In Skyward Sword you have to go through these Silent Realms, which are spooky versions of places you’ve already been where you have to search for these things, I won’t bore you with the details but the realms are dark, misty and has quiet music that sounds like bells, plus whenever Link makes a sound it echoes, which is just creepy. You don’t have your sword but that’s OK ’cause there’s no monsters, just statues and watchers that can’t even hurt you.

That’s until you run out of time… then the screen turns red, the music turns into pounding drums and the statues become super fast dual-wielding phantoms that are always on the edge of your screen that want to kill you.

You’re probably thinking those phantoms deserve this slot but no, ’cause there’s one other thing that causes panic mode, crossing a Watcher’s path.

The Watchers slowly follow a path, casting a small blue light from their lanterns, get in their light and they wake the other creatures up. You’d think that they’d be easy enough to avoid but they’re always in your way; and if you even go near their light they start to jingle, signaling their about to catch you and follow you, you can run but they always seem to catch you.

They were my undoing many a time, all you want to do is get the Silent Realm over with but thanks to them you have to do them over and over again.

But what made them even worse to me is that I played the last Silent Realm (which was the creepiest and the one where I had the worst run-in with a Watcher) late at night; afterward when I was the only one still up I went into the dark kitchen, which was a little creepy but I usually could handle it, this time I realized something creepy… my book light I use as a flashlight looks like a Watcher’s lantern and casts a ghostly looking blue light. So now the light that used to make dark rooms better only makes them worse; going into the kitchen at night scares me and I might not play a game past bedtime again.

So you see what makes the creepiest monster is one that gets personal, that’s easy to do in video games since you take the role of the main character but monsters that are personal to the heroes or play off common fears could have a similar effect.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post and got some ideas for your next horror scene. What kind of monsters are you planning for your story? What’s your top five? And do you agree with my order?

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