The Best Father’s Day Gift

Jun 16, 2013 by

Happy Father’s Day! To celebrate I asked my dad to write a guest post and write about whatever he wanted. First I’ll introduce him:

My dad, Randy A Brown, is the admin for not just one of the sites on my blog roll but also Studies in Scripture and Bible Buying Guide. He’s been a big influence in my life and never fails to crack me up.


For Father’s Day, Hannah has asked me (her father) to guest post on her blog. For me it’s a great honor to guest post on her blog, but it’s an even greater honor that she wanted me too. I appreciate that very much. So, when a father is asked to guest post on his daughter’s blog for father’s day, what should he write about? He should make fun his daughter, of course! So I thought I’d use this opportunity to tell you about the time that Hannah was outsmarted by a cat. Yes… OUTSMARTED BY A CAT!!!

Of course this wasn’t completely Hannah’s fault because the cat I’m talking about wasn’t just any cat. This was a freaky smart, Professor Moriarty, cat. This cat, Connie, was named for Bonnie’s smart sister on Kim Possible – Connie. This cat was smarter than that.

OK, so here’s the story: we had a soft bench that sat at the back door (this was our primary door for traffic). Connie loved sitting on the bench because it sat in the corner between two windows, so there’s was plenty of light and it was warm. This particular day, Hannah was sitting in Connie’s favorite spot. There was room on both sides, but Connie didn’t like sharing anything with anybody except Hannah’s little brother Matthew. Well, Hannah was sitting on the bench (I think she was playing her Nintendo DS if I’m remembering correctly) and Connie was sitting at the back door looking at Hannah, trying to get her to open the door. Hannah (our little sweet Hannah who would do anything for an animal) saw her and got up, said “do you want out girl?” and went to the door and opened it. While she stood there holding the door open, Connie walked over to the bench and took Hannah’s seat. Hannah, standing there with the door open, looked at the rest of us and said “I was outsmarted by a cat!”

I never get tired of that story. I’m sure it gave her an idea for a story. And, she wouldn’t have been outsmarted by an animal if she didn’t care so much for them. Even though she was outsmarted by a cat, Hannah really is an awesome person. The best father’s day gift a father can have is the ability to be proud of his children. Hannah is definitely a child to be proud of.


Aww, thanks Dad! I’m proud of you too! Even if you do make fun of me to my readers. XD

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