The Ghost in the Web

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This is the first chapter to a new story I’m going to post to DeviantArt in September.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Starflight Express. The characters are mine but based off the characters you can create in Dragon Quest 9.



Crashes of lightning flashed through the storm clouds, jarring the golden train that flew through them.

“Ah!” a redheaded girl inside one of the train cars screamed as her and four others grabbed onto random things as the train shook.

“What’s going on? Are we under attack?” asked Maya, a young teenager with blue hair swept up in a ponytail.

“It’s just a storm. We’ll be OK,” Jack smiled confidently.

“You don’t know much about lightning do you?” Minnie asked bored.

He narrowed his bright red eyes.

“I’ll find out what’s going on,” a girl with dark skin and big red hair muttered angrily. Celeste made her way to the front of the car through the quakes. “Hannah!” she snapped as she threw the door open.

A brunette girl was in the next room, driving the train.

“What are you doing?!”

“Just calm down, everything’s OK.”

The train shook.

Celeste grabbed the upper door frame as she jolted forward. She gave Hannah a ‘look’.

“OK, we’ll experience some turbulence, but it’s not that bad,” she spoke a little too quickly. “We’ll be where we’re going pretty soon, so just hold on. It’s actually pretty awesome, where we’re going, well worth the wait and trouble. Just trust me, when we get there-”

“You don’t know where we’re going, do you?”

“No clue.”

A sudden bolt jolted the whole train so hard that Celeste was thrown to the floor. The golden glow of the train went dark.

Hannah gasped, her eyes widening as far as they could.

“Hannah?” Celeste looked up, worried.

“Get back to your seat.”

Everyone tilted or slid forward; the train was starting to fall.

“Back to your seats!”

Maya and Minnie scrambled into seats while Jack moved toward the engine car.

A jostle threw Maya forward before she was able to sit down.

An older man, Felix, caught her. He kept his balance through the quick quake then let Maya go. He turned and ran for the engine car.

Celeste slid forward on the ground, unable to get up.

Jack got to the doorway as there was another jolt; he grabbed onto the side of the frame.

The door slid towards him but Felix caught it and slid it back. He stepped into the room and kneeled by Celeste and helped her up.

Jack stepped into the engine room to get out of their way, keeping a hand on the frame to stable himself. “Hannah, come on!” he turned to her.

She tried to regain control while being pressed against the wheel by the angle the train was tilted at. “I got this!”

The train started shaking.

He held out his hand to her, reaching as far as he could. “Come on!”

She looked back at him worriedly. “Go to safety!” she had to yell over the sounds of the rattling train.

“Not without you!”

She faced forward, seeing the ground drawing near. She realized she couldn’t stay but that she was stuck on the wheel. She turned herself around, placing her hands back on it and leapt.

They caught each other’s hands.

The train slowly tipped forward even more.

She swung her other hand up to grab his arm and walked up the incline. Once she’d almost reached him she let go and hopped, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

There was a sudden but short jostle; he wrapped his arm around her waist as they were knocked about.

“Guys, come on!” Celeste shrieked at them from where she and the others were holding on to their seats for dear life.

With Jack holding her tightly, Hannah turned and grabbed the frame on the opposite side he was holding.

They pulled themselves through then Hannah quickly turned back, slamming the door closed. They ran for the seats but only made it a step before the train tilted forward completely, throwing them back against the door.

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