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Feb 1, 2014 by

I’ve read several articles from different places on writing characters because they’re my favorite part of writing; I’ve even researched things like trauma to make sure I get them right. But usually I finish disappointed because I don’t learn anything new, all I find out is that I’m already doing it right.

But then it hit me that that’s not actually a bad thing, it means I’ve been doing it right, that I’m actually good at something! My description is practically non existent, my pacing’s faster than the Flash, I’ve practically given up on titles and my action basically consists of “he swung his sword.” But I have created well rounded characters without half trying or even realizing it (don’t get me started on my Dragon Quest 9 characters). Not to say I’m perfect at it, just that what I have left to improve will come from experience more than extra know how. So apparently I should be writing about that…

So I will! For the next 2 months (at least) I will focus on character development with a few other things thrown in like The MUSE in Music.

Hopefully we’ll all have some and I’ll be able to help. Until next time!

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