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Jul 9, 2015 by

Seems I accidentally took a break from my blog while recovering from vacation; hence why my first of the month post is just now being posted on the 9th.

But back to work!

I don’t know what my prompt, cheat or scene will be this month but I’ll try my best to write them all.

Besides my monthly posts I’m also uploading a skit to YouTube that I’ll put up here as well; in it I compare my past and present self, focusing all on the writer part of me. It was a lot of fun to record! It’s almost done so it should be up soon.

I’m also putting up the first MUSE in Music in what feels like forever. MUSE in Music is where I post a group of songs from YouTube that fit a certain category, this month’s is summer love. So if you’re writing a summer love story or you just like those kinds of songs come rock out with me on the 24th!

Hope to see you soon and have a good July!

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