This Month on My Blog: It’s Fan Fiction Month!

Jun 2, 2014 by

I’m declaring it Fan Fiction Month; so my blog posts will be:

Tips to Writing Fan Fiction – Posted later this week.

Tips to Writing Fan Characters – Just trust me when I say that I’ve written enough fan characters to write this post (trust me, you don’t want the list). This will be posted the following week (8-14).

The MUSE in Music: Fan Made – Covers and original songs made for fandoms, because fan fiction comes in more than one form. This will be up the third week (15-21).

A Challenge Scene – This seemed like the opportunity to brings the monthly challenge scenes back. I won’t be continuing the story I started with them last time because that was the reason I had to quit; I just can’t focus on too many stories at once. Now they’ll each be stand alone scenes. I’m not entirely sure what the challenge or scene will be this month but I’ll tweet when I find out. This will be up the last week (22-30).

(Soon I’m also posting my first mocha review but that has nothing to do with fan fiction.)


I’m doing this theme because of my new writing plan. The story I’m writing, Project Heroes, is a four part series and I don’t want to write second draft of the first book until the whole series is done; so I’ve decided to write fan fiction in between NaNoWriMos where I’ll be writing Project Heroes until it’s done, then it’s onto draft two!


So what do you think of my plan? And what do you think of Fan Fiction Month? Will you join me?



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