Tips for Writing Fan Fiction

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Tips for Writing Fan Fiction

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A few random tips I’ve gathered from both writing and reading fan fiction:

I’m going to warn you, the bold words are a little deceiving in this post, they’re not the tips themselves, they’re the topic that the tips in that paragraph (or group of paragraphs) are about.


Know the rules and keep to them, people tend to find rule breakers in fanfiction just obnoxious, especially when the only purpose is to bring in a fan character.

It’s not just about following the world’s physics either, but also about how people in that world act and their ideals, that’s not to say you can’t have a character do something that’d be generally unacceptable just make sure you show it as that.


Unless labeled ooc or you give a good reason not to make sure to stay in character.

It is possible to deviate when putting the characters in a situation very different from anything they’ve faced before, but generally be careful when writing with someone else’s characters.

If you’re not sure a line fits try to imagine it in the character’s voice to see if it sounds natural to you (or voice you imagine them to have if they’re from a book).

What you don’t do to stay in character is just reuse lines they’ve said in the original. This is a pet peeve of mine and makes me wonder if the writer is actually using their imagination at all. Examine the character, not just what they say and do but the whys behind what they say and do, pick apart their personality and how they react to certain things; if you understand them you won’t have to work hard to stay in character.


Pick one canon if you’re writing for something with multiples. It’s OK to take bits and pieces if you explain that that’s what you’re doing and fit it together well; but it’s less confusing for you and your readers if you pick a single canon and stick to it.


It’s OK to add to characters and worlds as long as it doesn’t contradict what the original writer’s already said.

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