Tips to Getting Work Done

Jan 10, 2014 by


When a new year rolls around we always have big plans but sometimes it can be hard to make ourselves do the work required. So here’s my four best tips for getting off to a good start and keeping at it.

Start the day feeling epic:

As you drag yourself out of bed slip on your headphones, play something epic* and walk in slow-mo down the hallway; it may sound ridiculous but when you feel epic you tell yourself “I can do this” and what better way is there to hype yourself up for getting things done?

Stay away from lazy people:

When you see other people goofing off you might start wanting to too, and even if you don’t join them just wishing you could can slow you down considerably. So it’s best to just avoid those people until break time.

Listen to boss music as you work:

Yes, more music, and yes, this sounds nerdy; but notice how the music for boss fights have so much energy and sometimes feel like time is running out? And that could be just what you need. Of course you may not be able to work and listen to music in which case maybe you could listen to it beforehand.

Stay hydrated:

You’re at your best when you’re healthy and you probably don’t realize how easy it is to get dehydrated. When you feel thirsty you are already slightly dehydrated and your body uses more water the harder it works. So keep yourself at your best and keep a few bottles of water or Gatorade with you.

*If you can’t think of anything epic I got you covered.

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