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May 14, 2013 by

I’ve added two new… yeah you read the title.

The first is under Authors I follow and the second is under Misc.

Randy A Brown:

Randy’s an aspiring author himself and he’s my dad. I actually wouldn’t be writing or blogging if it wasn’t for him; he’s the one who told me I should write my ideas down after I was telling them to him for the 100th time, he bought me my Alphasmart, continued to be an influence and is the one who suggested that I start a blog. You could say he’s my writing hero.


A site for girls of all ages to post their stories, poems, essays etc. All genres are accepted but remember that the admins would like to keep things kid friendly; which is fine by me, I might be an adult legally but I can do without cussing and mature content thank you very much. This site may be small now but it has a lot of potential, it’s going to be big one day and I’m going to help it get here if I can.

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  1. :0) Writing Hero… now, that gives me an idea…

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