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Sometimes I make the stupidest typos; what’s worse is that I make them all the time! It’s times like these that no matter how stupid it can be sometimes spell check really comes in handy.

For example I don’t know how many times I’ve typed theses. I type ese and immediately my finger goes to type s again, I have no clue why but I do.

Distinguishing there, they’re and their should be easy but for some reason I always mix them up; even though I know which one to use I always type the wrong one.

And too, why do I always leave off an o?

Also here lately I’ve been bad for not capitalizing the first letter of a sentence (in fact I just did while typing this sentence…) also here lately spell check has been bad for not correcting me when I do (thanks a lot spell check!)

But double letters are the worst. I’m horrible for doubling the wrong letter, just ask my character Rebecca who frequently becomes Rebbeca or Rebeeca; and someone might teel her to lokk at aal the fodd. But the worst is nodded, I know it’s not really a word but it’s still awkward to type that someone nooded.

So what are some of your most common typos?

Note: How embarrassing is it to make a bunch of typos while writing this post?


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  1. LOL! My most embarrassing typo has to do with typing the wrong letter twice in an email to an Engineer I work with. What’s worst is that I copied my boss on the email. The Engineer’s name is Bobby.

    Lately I’ve developed a switch between i and o. If the word needs an i, I type an o. If the word needs an o, I type and i.

    And… there are some words that I just CAN’T spell! Like, necessary, assembly, etc.

    I committed every one of these typos while writing this message (except for assembly… I got lucky).

    • hannah C brown

      LOL, I can see that as embarrassing!

      Well those letters are right next to each other.

      Oh I hate trying to spell necessary! Why must that word be necessary for me to type? And then there’s usual, I have such a hard time with that word for some reason.

      LOL! I made 3 typos while writing this one, which is actually good for me!

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