Weekly Word Count

Apr 14, 2013 by

Sunday: 489 (That’s the best I’ve done on a Sunday)

Monday: 165

Tuesday: 237 (Plus IĀ rearrangedĀ things in the right order and divided them in the right chapters from 4 – 11)

Wednesday: 517 (Rearranged and divided things into chapter 12, and added 53 words to files)

Thursday: 130

Friday: 182

Saturday: 692 (Best I’ve done on a Saturday!)

Total: 2,412

Not great but no where near my worst. I’ve been getting less and less excited about my main story since my word count started and last week I could barely make myself write it so this week I’m taking a break and writing other things, so there won’t be a word count next week.

Hopefully when the break’s over I’ll be able to get back to my main story with the excitement I once had with it, wish me luck!

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