Weekly Word Count

Sep 1, 2013 by

Sunday: 0

Monday: 452

Tuesday: 847

Wednesday: 0

Thursday: 1,328 (fistpump)

Friday: 352

Saturday: 384

Total: 3,363

I also added a character to my spreadsheet.

From here on my going to change things a little; my story is actually four books, I’ve been focusing on the first but counting anything written on the series, ’cause it is working on the same story.

It didn’t work out so well though, I found the later ones easier to write and quit focusing on the first as much. So now I’m only counting work on the first to deter myself from cheating like that.

By the way this week was almost exclusively the first one; so I’ve already proven to myself that I can do it now I just got to make me.

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