Weekly Word Count

Feb 16, 2014 by


Sunday: 0

Monday: 296

Tuesday: 286

Wednesday: 419

Thursday: 224

Friday: 0

Saturday: 0

Total: 1,225


Extra Cred:

Sunday: 154

Monday: 434

Tuesday: 0

Wednesday: 138

Thursday: 572

Friday: 580

Saturday: 479

Total: 2,357



Sunday: 154

Monday: 730

Tuesday: 286

Wednesday: 557

Thursday: 796

Friday: 580

Saturday: 479

Total: 3,582


I had some writer’s block for the story I’m working on. Thursday I made an outline to help me finish it but it’s hard to get back into something at the end of the week so I decided to focus on a challenge scene instead and hopefully get back to it with fresh eyes Monday.

So how did your writing week go?

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