Weekly Word Count

Mar 2, 2014 by


Sunday: 0

Monday: 396

Tuesday: 399

Wednesday: 0

Thursday: 508

Friday: 519

Saturday: 0

Total: 1,822


Extra Cred

Sunday: 304

Monday: 124

Tuesday: 214

Wednesday: 1,645

Thursday: 5

Friday: 142

Saturday: 154

Total: 2,588



Sunday: 304

Monday: 520

Tuesday: 613

Wednesday: 1,645

Thursday: 513

Friday: 661

Saturday: 154

Total: 4,410

Tomorrow I start back on my first draft of my main story so these word counts are about to get longer. The story I have been posting word counts from for the last couple months will be called Fanfic here while the other I’ll call Main Story (like I usually do).

I’m not sure yet what my word goals are; it’s been a while since I wrote on this story and I’m not sure yet what I’ll be able to do. We’ll see.

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