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Mar 10, 2014 by

Before I post the word count I’d like to explain (yes it’s that bad). I’d already written 57 chapters of my main story before taking that long break so before getting back into it I decided to read over it (and it’s a good thing I did ’cause I’d forgotten half of what happened) and do minor edits as I read; so that took longer than I expected (I’m still not done) and these words are just those edits.

Sunday: 0

Monday: 24

Tuesday: 73

Wednesday: 5

Thursday: 25

Friday: 6

Saturday: 11

Total: 144

I just haven’t been feeling that fanfic and only wrote 164 words on Wednesday, 284 Thursday and 448 total.

The extra credit is where I’ve done the best; while reading over my story I collected notes for what to work on next draft into a file, which is what a lot of this is (plus a blog post and a few files I worked on just for fun).

Sunday: 188

Monday: 171

Tuesday: 204

Wednesday: 235

Thursday: 232

Friday: 16

Saturday: 39

Total: 853

Bringing my total words for this week to: 1,445

Which doesn’t make everything look so bad.

I want to do so much better this week but with the time change messing me up I have no idea how I’m going to… by trying I guess.

Hope your first week of March went better than mine, bye!

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