Weekly Word Count

Apr 21, 2014 by


Sunday: 0

Monday: 144

Tuesday: 109

Wednesday: 0

Thursday: 50

Friday: 0

Saturday: 12

Total: 315

So much for stepping it up. Obviously making myself write a story that’s been hard to get into didn’t work; time for a new approach, I should either take a break (which I’ve already ruled out) or take it slow.



Sunday: 43

Monday: 123

Tuesday: 867

Wednesday: 272

Thursday: 73

Friday: 0

Saturday: 0

Total: 1,378

Extra includes blog posts, challenge scenes, files and stories I shouldn’t be worrying about but wrote on anyway.



Sunday: 43

Monday: 267

Tuesday: 976

Wednesday: 272

Thursday: 123

Friday: 0

Saturday: 12

Total: 1,693

I woke up feeling sick so don’t expect high numbers the beginning of this week; I’ll try my best later in the week though.

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