Weekly Word Count

May 11, 2014 by


Sunday: 0

Monday: 262

Tuesday: 141

Wednesday: 297

Thursday: 475

Friday: 0

Saturday: 126

Total: 1,301


Extra credit

Sunday: 422

Monday: 20

Tuesday: 125

Wednesday: 84

Thursday: 0

Friday: 366

Saturday: 286

Total: 1,323



Sunday: 422

Monday: 282

Tuesday: 266

Wednesday: 381

Thursday: 475

Friday: 366

Saturday: 412

Total: 2,624


Well it’s better than last week, which was better than the week before that. It seems that writing on Fridays and Saturdays have been getting harder; so this week I’m going to try harder through the week so I don’t have to on the weekend as much.

So what’s your writing plan?

P.S. On Twitter I promised to tell why I wrote better Thursday; I’m too tired to write more than a word count now but that explanation will be up tomorrow.

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