Weekly Word Count

Mar 10, 2013 by

Sunday: 60

Monday: 301 on timelines

Tuesday: 56

Wednesday: 299

Thursday: 231

Friday: 757

Saturday: 160

Total: 1,563 (Not counting Monday’s)

It just seems like I shouldn’t count the timeline’s in my total cause a sentence in a timeline could be chapters in the actual story, so it doesn’t really equal the same thing. What do you think, should I count them?

Also it seems my first goal was a bit unrealistic; not only have I come nowhere close to reaching 3,000 in a single week, but looking back I don’t get as much done on the weekend so I think I should make a goal for Monday through Friday and count Saturday and Sunday as extra credit. I’m not sure what my new goal should be but I don’t want to make it too easy on myself, and I don’t really want to lower the goal until I make 3,000 at least once.

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