Weekly Word Count

Mar 24, 2013 by

Sunday: 106 (159 on files)

Monday: 1,060

Tuesday: 247

Wednesday: 520

Thursday: 320

Friday: 460 (33 on files)

Saturday: 455

Total: (Not counting files) 3,168

I made it! I made I goal for the first time! ­čśÇ

Sunday I decided to revisit the chapter that had been giving me the most trouble (chapter 2…), I’d been skipping over that chapter for a while telling myself that I can’t write it yet I’ll figure it out later, but I never did until I sat down and and told myself I wasn’t getting back up till I finished chapter 2. It wasn’t even that hard to finish, but I’d been using the same excuse for so long I’d quit trying.

But it was still only 100 words and on Monday afternoon I was sure I couldn’t┬ámake┬ámy goal this week; and then I wrote 1000 words in one day. Take that┬ápessimism!

The rest of the week wasn’t so easy (for that story anyway) but I was determined to make the goal that before seemed near impossible.

This week I learned not to say “I can’t” say “I will,” and if you keep telling yourself that, you will.

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