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Mar 31, 2014 by

The first draft of the first story I focused on writing 8 years ago… is finally finished! With 62 chapters, 146 pages and 76,228 words!

I say focused but I wasn’t really focused the entire time, which is part of why it took so long; the other reason is that I had no idea how to write a first draft at the beginning making this more of a draft 1.something… I’ll explain.

This was the first story I tried to write but not the first I came up with. When I was younger I kept them all in my head and told them again and again. I liked my ideas but this was this only story that made me want to write it; so when I got an Alphasmart for Christmas that’s what I did but I didn’t get far before I got stuck. I plotted the whole story out in my head but didn’t write much of it down, I was still more of a storyteller than a storywriter.

Then my Alphasmart didn’t come on one day and I hadn’t backed up my files onto a computer, forcing me to rewrite the first few chapters.

After that I started coming up with a lot of stories that kept me distracted from getting far with my main one; I’d always come back to it but every time I’d go over what I’d already written and add a little more before getting stuck and going on to something else. And each time I went back to it I’d rethink the plot I hadn’t written yet. So if you count replotting in my head and the number of times I redid the beginning this is hardly draft 1.

But every time I came back to it it shifted little by little from the first story I wanted to write to the first story I needed to write; so  at the beginning of last year I decided it was time to quit playing with it; I was going to start back at the beginning like I’d done every other time but this time I wouldn’t let up until it was finished, and that’s what I did (unless you count that break i took for NaNoWriMo…)


There wasn’t much work left to do on it this week and with focusing on it I didn’t write much else so the word count isn’t that impressive.

Finished Story:

Sunday: 41

Monday: 159

Tuesday: 35

Wednesday: 554

Thursday: 124

Total: 913


I only wrote 533 words on the fanfic.


Extra Credit:

Sunday: 98

Monday: 0

Tuesday: 0

Wednesday: 178

Thursday: 85

Friday: 10

Saturday: 652

Total: 928



Sunday: 139

Monday: 402

Tuesday: 325

Wednesday: 732

Thursday: 209

Friday: 10

Saturday: 652

Total: 2,374

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  1. This is great news! A lot of stories is an understatement! I remember telling you to write them down and you were like “write them? why would I write them?” And, NaNoWriMo wasn’t really that much of a break considering that you wrote on both stories at the same time for a lot of it. :0) Good job! I’m glad I finally get to read it! This makes two you’ve finished (not counting fan-fic) and you finished book 2 first (and much faster).

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