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Feb 23, 2015 by

Know that plan I’ve made for what I’m going to write this year? Yeah well I’ve scrapped that.

After my break it was hard to get back to writing seriously; I just didn’t want to write what was next on my list. Then on the 12th I was suddenly inspired by a song and a glass of caffeine to try to write a novel in a day. I knew from the beginning that the attempt would get me nowhere but that turned out to not actually be true…

This story is one that I’ve been wanting to write for a while but I kept pushing it aside in favor of what I thought I should be writing.

As it turned out it is what I should be writing, because it’s what I want to write; and even though it was nowhere near finished on the first day the momentum continued after that, so it did get me somewhere!

TL;DR I have a new story, here’s its word count:

12th: 2,783

13th: 349

14th: 883

15th: 0

16th: 274

17th: 491

18th: 0

19th: 720

20th: 1,567

21st: 150

So far the story has 7 chapters (plus I’ve started chapter 8) and 7,217 words.

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